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Changing of name in Singapore - Deed Poll

Ever thought of changing your name but do not know how to do so? Well, the steps are very simple. All you need to do is to engage a lawyer who will assist you with the drafting of a "Deed Poll".

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document that is drafted by a lawyer. It simply declares the renunciation of your current name and the acceptance of a new name from the date the Deed Poll is executed.

Which part of my name can be changed?

Well, you can change your name in its entirety. But if this is not something that you want, you can also consider the following:

a. Inserting, deleting or modifying your hanyu pinyin name i.e. Hong Xiao Ming;

b. Inserting, deleting or modifying your English/ Western/Baptised name;

c. Inserting, deleting or modifying your Chinese or Tamil characters;

d. Changing the order in which your name appears;

e. Correcting any mistakes in your name, which was wrongly spelled.

Do note that the above list is non-exhaustive.

Is there an age requirement to change my name?

Yes, any persons above 21 years old can change their names with a Deed Poll.

Those below the age of 21 who wish to change their names will have to get their parents to sign the Deed Poll on their behalf.

What if my parents are divorced and I want to change my name?

You will need to get the consent from both parents. If you are unable to contact one parent despite reasonable efforts, the other parent may execute a declaration that one of the parents is uncontactable.

I have changed my name previously. Can I change my name again?

Yes, you can. There are no restrictions to the number of times you change your name.

Will my new name be rejected?

It is unlikely that your new name will be rejected unless they are deemed to be offensive. Names can also be rejected if they are similar to famous politicians.

I have a Deed Poll, what's next?

1. Change your particulars with ICA

You will have to make an application online via ICA website here. You will need to have a digital image of your Deed Poll and a recent passport-sized coloured photograph.

You will need to pay $60.00 for the application.

ICA will process your application within three (3) working days. Once it has been approved, ICA will notify you via SMS and email. You can thereafter make an appointment to collect your IC within three (3) months of the approval.

2. Change the name in other documents

You should also inform all other relevant organizations such as your company or school of your new name.

You may also need to update your name in your existing academic certifications such as O-level, A-level certificates, diplomas and degree certificates.

Do contact us at +65 6970 8287 if you want to change your name legally.


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