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Do I need a Post-Nuptial Agreement?

A post-nuptial agreement is essentially a contract that parties enter into after the marriage (and are happily married). Parties might feel the need to reconsider their pre-nuptial agreement to ensure that it covers the things that happen in their lives. For instance, one spouse may start to earn significantly more than the other (which was something that has not been anticipated) or that there is greater trust between the couple.

There are also some who want to do a post-nuptial agreement as they contemplate divorce. When that divorce happens, that agreement will take center stage. The Court is likely to consider any agreements parties previously entered into in determining a fair and equitable division of the matrimonial assets.

In short, it really depends on your purpose of having such an agreement. Some couples are able to use this agreement to clarify issues that lead to conflict or obtain a clear idea of what each spouse owns. Sometimes this agreement can even help keep a troubled marriage together or (if it comes to it) simplify and shorten divorce proceedings.

Still unsure if a post-nuptial agreement is necessary? Consult our experienced lawyers at +65 6970 8287 to find out more.

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