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Should you go for the cheapest lawyers?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

divorce lawyers singapore
Everyone loves things that are cheap and good. Even when it comes to getting a divorce, it is natural for human beings to go for the cheapest option.

However, people tend to forget that cheap goods/services do not ultimately equate to quality. For instance, if your daily job requires you to be on your feet very often, you would invest on a sturdy pair of shoes instead of a cheap pair of shoes (which may hurt your feet).

Similarly, if you want too quality legal services, you do not want to scrimp and save on your lawyer. You want someone attentive and competent. You do not want to pay a cheap price but have to deal with the secretary most of the time. You also do not want to feel like you are always begging for time with your lawyer.

It is therefore important for you to choose a lawyer who will patiently take you through the process and consider certain situations that are likely to happen.

To conclude: quality and attentiveness should guide your decision more than price.


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