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Your Guide to Personal Protection Orders in Singapore

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Personal protection order

In the face of domestic violence, knowing your rights can be a lifeline for you and your loved ones.

Singapore's legal system offers a vital tool: the Personal Protection Order (PPO). The PPO is designed to shield victims from further harm or if you would like to imagine a court-backed shield that can put a halt to the agony caused by family members.

Here is the deal: a PPO acts as a safeguard granted by the court. If the court finds that harm has been done or is likely to cause harm, it steps in to restrain the aggressor from inflicting further pain.

But what if the aggressor breaches this order? The solution is clear: lodge a police report. The law steps in again, arresting and charging the perpetrator for their actions.

Applying for a PPO requires a court visit. The family court is your ally, here to put an end to harassment.

Section 65 of the Women’s Charter lays out the terms: if family violence has occurred or looms, and protection is necessary, a PPO takes the stage.

Now, there are three types of PPOs under this section:

  1. Protection Order: The go-to general order that forbids the aggressor from using violence.

  2. Expedited Order (EO): A swift temporary order, valid for 28 days, triggered by the urgency of the victim's situation.

  3. Domestic Exclusion Order (DEO): This order bars the aggressor from entering the victim’s residence or designated areas.

Here's the twist: the time it takes to get your PPO hinges on case complexity. But a smart move? Gather concrete evidence such as police or medical reports to speed things up.

Now, a PPO does not instantly spell divorce, but it is a factor judges weigh when granting divorce in Singapore. The bottom line? Empowerment and protection are just steps away.

Our lawyers at Derrick Soh Law Corporation represent clients who are seeking for a PPO (as well as those who are resisting a PPO application). If you need advice on Personal Protection Order, contact us now as we can advise you on the steps that you need to take.


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