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Divorce can get messy especially when it involves children. It is difficult for a lay person to be able to manage their emotions and understand the legal jargons at the same time. This article will therefore simplify the legal jargons relating to child issues for you.

child custody, care and control
Every child matters even in a divorce

Legal Jargon 1: Custody of the Child

Parents often think that having custody of their children means that the children will live with them. This is inaccurate. In fact, to have custody of the child means that the parent will make important and long-term decisions for the child. Such decisions involve the child’s education, religion and healthcare.

Legal Jargon 2: Care and Control of the Child

A layperson hardly knows what it means by having care and control of the child. He/she uses the word “care and control” and “custody” interchangeably. However, these terms have different meanings.

To put it simply, the parent with care and control means that he/she will make decisions on the child’s daily activities such as when to watch the television, when to use the telephone and when food is to be prepared and eaten.

Legal Jargon 3: Access to the Child: Visitation rights

Now that we do know what care and control means, this point becomes straightforward. The parent who does not have care and control of the child will have access to the child. Such access includes weekend access, overnight access, overseas access and school holidays access.

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